Late night wonders

Have you ever stayed up late at night just thinking? I sure have. From the simple “what I need to do tomorrow” to the tragic overthinking. We’ve all been there, so don’t think you’re along in the matter. Ever thought of a scenarios that’s unlikely to happen? Overthinking. Ever thought that something small could actually lead to ten big things? Overthinking.  Ever wondered how a situation would have turned differently had you handled it better? Overthinking. These thoughts are 100x worse when done late at night. Your mind wonders..a little too much.  It can cause worry. 

These situations can affect people in different ways, for me it makes me worried and sometimes a little depressed. For other it could trigger a panic attack or anxiety. Everyone is affected differently so don’t ever think you’re alone. 

These are the late night wonders, thought they’re not very wonderful at all. 


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