Do you ever feel empty? Not yourself? 

Sometimes there’s this emptiness inside of me like someone took hey soul. I used to think it was me just not caring anymore, not feeling anymore, but what if it’s just my body protecting me? What if this is it saying “you know what? You’ve felt enough pain,let’s give you a break” and then you feel numb for a moment. 

It’s scary isn’t it? Feeling like you won’t feel again, like there’s not a single emotions left in your body. It’s scary to think of what that could mean. But it’s all still there, all those feelings you felt before. They never went away, they just hid so you didn’t feel them. So you could give yourself a break. You can unlock these feelings, simply stop burying them. The more you feel as though they’re gone, the most likely you are to forget they they’re there. 

If you’re going through a bad patch think of the positive outcomes, there’s always going to be some. 


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