A year can change a thousand things..

So today the year 11’s of my school are having their prom and it made me think about how its been a year since we left school, i’m now in sixth form and so much has changed. The key thing you will notice (or already have) is that when you leave year 11 you find out who your real friends are. Now, this isn’t an easy path at all times but if you think about it you see these people everyday for 5 years give or take and then suddenly you’ve left and they’re going off to different places and what not. How many of those will you keep in touch with? how many will bother to keep in tough with you? i’m not saying that those who stop contacting you are the ones that were never your true friends because in some cases it’s the opposite, in some cases you can stop speaking to someone for months and then speak one day like you never stopped and that is the beauty of true friendship. but sometimes you realise that they aren’t your friends they were just people you saw everyday and associated yourself with and that’s a hard change. I realise now I’ve gone on too much about friendships so i’ll move on.

Another thing that has changed in my life is the way i feel about myself, I tend to be a lot more unhappy about myself and this reflects on to others which is not good. It is a very stressful time, especially when going from GCSE to A-Level, it’s a big jump and i only have small legs.

The thing is i noticed these changes, many unmentioned, because it was a generally a big change going from secondary school to college but changes happen all through your life, you have to remember that even though the places change, the people change, the memories still stay the same and it’s these memories that you will carry with you through the transitions of life. Change isn’t something to be afraid of, I’ve learnt that. Yes there are bad changes such and loss of loved ones but that is also the circle of life. Embrace the changes and keep the memories and all will be fine.

Oh and to anyone reading this that has just left year 11, good luck..you’re in for a shock.


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