Positivity needed

So… I realised that the majority of the content on this blog has been negative so i thought i ought to change that. There a many positives in this current time, the fact that summer in coming in close is a big one because i mean even more positives. I’m sure many of you are happy that summer means the end of a school year, no exams or tests or hand ins..hold on though we’re not quite there! To others it means sunbathing and going to the beach, maybe even going on holiday somewhere even warmer to get your tan on. Whatever positives the summer brings to you, hold on to them and embrace the welcoming of summer with a smile on your face. After all summer is a time for no regrets right? 😉 If you’ve never had a dream to have one of the best summers of your life then you should make this one that goal because you’re only young for so long and it goes a hell of a lot quicker than you expect. I’m seventeen and i wish i was 12 again sometimes. 

I just wanted to say think of all the positives that are to come because there always is, it can only get better no matter what the situation is! 

have fun guys, hope to here from some of you soon!


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