Results day

Just wanted to say good luck to everyone who is collecting their A-level results tomorrow, I am and I’m nervous so I just thought I’d say don’t panic! Whatever you get I’m sure will be a good reflection of how hard you’ve worked throughout the year! 

For those of you who are panicking, here’s a few things to take your mind of off it! 


Why not take some time to relax? Think about things or think about nothing at all just the sounds around you. 


Stick your headphones in and block the world out, it helps a lot. Whether you listen to pop,rock or even the blues, get into your element and let the bad thoughts float away. 

Go for a walk or jog

I love going for walks, clearing my head, why not try it out for yourself? 

These are just a few ideas, I’m sure there’s many more that fit you best. Whatever they are just clear you thoughts away. Today will be ok!

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