Hair product Review


Never thought i’d be blogging about hair and beauty products but here I am. Thanks to ELLE magazine I gained this sample bottle of treseme’s perfectly undone foam spray. It’s a sea foam that creates a fantastic wavy look on your hair and believe me it works wonders! The perfect product for those who have naturally straight hair but want the wavy look no and then. My hair is naturally curly so it works at it’s best but I’ve always liked the way my hair looks after a shower and this product enables me to keep the curls without it going hard a crispy like if i were to use a normal moose. All you have to do is section your hair (when damp) into 3 parts and do three pumps per section, less if your hair is thin or short and then blow dry, if your hair is naturally curly you dont even have to blow dry it you can let it air dry. I would recommend anyone to add this product to their hair products, it really is a great product and so simple to use too. Get your waves with a shiny finish rather than the hard crispy finish from a normal moose. Definitely a 5/5.


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