New College Year Targets

download (2)So in just 6 days i will stepping foot back into sixth form and so i decided to set myself some new college year targets, hopefully i’ll stick to them!

#1: Keep on top, there’s nothing worse than not keeping on top of coursework and homework and it caused me A LOT of stress last year…having two pieces of coursework to do at the same time is not fun at all!

#2: Eat, i know it sound simple and silly but i am known to have a tendency not to take food with me and because i don’t usually eat breakfast either it means i don’t eat until dinner..not good i know. It also caused me to lose a lot of weight two
years ago, damaging my metabolism. So this year i will make sure i eat three meals a day.

#3: Be organised, i know this one links with the top one but there’s not keeping up with the coursework and then there’s forgetting the hand in date. That, my friends, is the real problem that i’ll be making sure i avoid..not that it’s ever happened.

#4: BE POSITIVE, this last one is the most important because if you or I go through the next year with a negative mindset, everything will seem 100 times worse than it really it is, go in with a positive brain and if anything does go wrong just think ‘ this might have happened but..’ and end with a sense of positivity. Last year become my worst because of how negative i was and I’m planning on changing that this year.

So these are my 4 top targets for when i go back to college, do you guys have any ones different to mine?  If so feel free to comment below!


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