Wishlist Wednesday..

I thought I’d do something different to the usual and i’ve seen a few other blogs do this so I thought i would give it go. Below is my wishlist for the next couple of months, maybe some of them will influence you to have a look at them to i don’t know but here i go..

Books- there’s going to be like 5 so i’ll just list them and leave hyperlink if you want to take a look 🙂

#1 Paperweight by Meg Haston

#2 The last summer of us by Maggie Harcourt

#3 The Manifesto on How To be interesting by Holly Bourne

#4 Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher

#5 Trouble by Non Pratt


Open-Front Loose Black coat it comes in black, it’s loose and baggy, it’s perfect. I have a habit of buying black clothes so this fits into my wardrobe very well and it’s oversized which makes me extremely happy. Definitly buying when i’ve got the money.

This denim jacket i’m not 100% sure what attracts me to this jacket so much, maybe because it’s vintage and i like 90’s grunge wear but i am dying to get this!

Long sleeved knit cardigan, again not sure why..probably because of it’s cool pattern, oh gosh someone should stop me from going on online shops!

A batwing loose knit sweater, i have a thing for baggy winter sweaters so this is perfect for this season and i must have it!

Ankle boots! Partly because they have a fur trim at the top and partly because i just can not get enough of ankle boots, they’re perfect for every season and any weather, i love it!

A bare minerals starter kit, i know this is make up but just wanted to add it in. I’m not usually the type of girl to use foundations and other face makeup products because i’m always scared of breaking out in spots, however i would really like to try this kit. Just a shame it’s really pricey 😦

A quote sweatshirt, a big baggy black sweatshirt with a tumblr quote stitched into it..what’s not to like? It’s also a grunge style jumper so that makes it my type of style!

An “I speak fluent sarcasm” tee, purely because it’s a black and white tee with a sassy quote on it and to be fair and i can be sarcastic..sometimes!

A pair of black skinnies with ripped knees, to be honest i’ve also wanted a pair just never felt that i could ‘rock that look’ but i am seriously considering buying some!

An “i hate everyone oversized” shirt, it’s oversized.. do i need speak more?

A “cute but pyscho tshirt!”, i don’t know what it is with me and these tees with weird wording but i love the wittiness of them! Maybe i’ll find enough for each day of the week, ha ha!

This moonstone ring or one similar, i’ve always loves wearing rings and moonstone is the one tyoe i really want but haven’t got round to getting yet!

So here’s my disaster of a wishlist, what would you guys have in yours? Comment below 🙂 i would love to know!


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