First Day Feelings

Hey guys! 

So today i went back to college, it was kind of  a mixed feeling day i mean nothing has changed, it’s the same people, the same subjects and even worse…the exact same timetable so there isn’t that change that mixes it all up a bit. However i love start new projects and new a new year to have new targets to set myself and it feels good to be productive for once other than lazying around all day! It feels so weird to know that by June next year i would have left school completely and i’ll be out in the big world working (..and blogging of course) and hopefully getting where i want to be, it’s made me realise that time goes so fast, i remember being 11 and going into secondary for the first time and now i’m 17 and in my final year it’s crazy!! Hopefully the rest of this week is just as positive and i can keep up with my targets!

I hope your first days have/will be good and easy for you. If you’ve set targets for yourself, keep to them! It’ll really help you in the long run! 

Sincerely, S x


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