Unexplainable feelings..

Hi guys sorry for the recent silence, I’ve had a lot of stuff going on especially since being back at college but i thought post something today. 

Being back at college has brought back a lot of stress and emotions and thoughts an feelings and that got me thinking. I have so many feelings that i often can’t explain and it comes to the point where you think to yourself ‘how to they expect me to explain how i feel when i don’t understand the feeling myself?’ and it’s the truth. If you don’t understand the feelings you feel then how can you explain them to someone else? 

I don’t know if any of you guys experience it but having these issues of not being able to explain yourself is really stressful in it’s self and is a real pain in the butt. I hate now being able to express how i feel because it makes me feel worse, but i have been able to come up with a few ways to help deal with this situation, hopefully you find them useful too!

#1 Journal- for a long time i kept a journal because i went through a phase of self diagnosed depression (self diagnosed because i wasn’t sure what it was and giving it a label made it easier to remove) and honestly, writing down everything that i had felt and any thoughts that went with it was the best thing i done. It really helped and made my situation so much better!

#2 talk it out- sometimes the thoughts and feelings you have but don’t understand just need to be talked about any way, have someone who’s close and understanding and any issues, even if it’s with them, talk to them about it because otherwise you’re bottling it all up and that’s why you get those feelings.

#3 Finally, yoga- yes it may sound silly but yoga enable you to forget and the negative thoughts in your head and just focus on the now. When you’re on that yoga mat, picture a busy train station with trains constantly moving and when that negative thoughts comes along, put it on the train and let it go away.

Well these are just a few techniques that really work for me, and hopefully you’ll find them useful too!

Sincerely, S x


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