Saturday Shopping!

Every saturday my mum goes shopping for food and essentials, and today i thought i’d tag along with her and share my buys with you guys!

The first thing was an Elle magazine, i have a fashion blog and love fashion so i like to pick up magazines to get influenced! I have read the month yet but i’m hoping to get some autumn/fall inspiration from it. It’s also great because it comes with another fashion magazine!

The second thing was a journal, mainly because i to write down my thoughts and feelings at the end of each day, and partly because i need to do so. I may also use it to make blog notes on fashion and general stuff! I have to say though, it’s a pretty decent journal, leather coated and everything!

Lastly and least important was a pack of fine liner pens because I like to write with them and they come in handy when doing sketchbook work at college!

So these are my saturdays buys, if you’re into fashion then you should definitely pick up and Elle mag or something similar like Vogue, you’ll love it 🙂 Or maybe you’re a future journalist and like to write things down or you’re like me and just like writing your thoughts and feelings of the day, you should pick up and decent journal it’ll do well for you!

Sincerely, S x


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