September Month

So it’s September and this month is suicide prevention month and i just wanted to dedicate a post to those who have left us through suicide but also those who try and get through everyday being strong enough not to do it no matter how much they want to. One day they’ll have enough and it’ll be over.

Stay strong guys! Your lives are so precious and special to more people then you think, you matter. Suicide won’t make things better, it’ll only prevent any chances of it happening. Your better option is to stay strong, keep your head and talk to people. Even if you have no one to talk to, write a journal, speak to a therapist of if you’re reading this i’m more than happy to help you, even if you just want someone to listen. I just want all of those out there with the suicidal thoughts to think about what you would be leaving behind, give yourself a focus on why to remain strong, because you all are. You can get through this, i believe in you.

Please don’t give up yet.

Sincerely, S x


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