Review: Paper Towns (movie)

As you guys may remember i did a review on the book ‘Paper Towns’ by John Green, i recently watched the film and thought i might as well do a review on that too.

I’m not usually the type to hate on film adaptions of books but having fallen in love with this book i was highly disappointing when i saw the amount the had left out and changed. I understand that films tend to leave bits out but really guys, was there need to leave out THIS much? Not only did they change the number of things that Margo and Q have to do the night before she goes missing but then they don’t even show the amount they do say! AND they missed out some major story marks towards the ending of the movie, which a the most important parts. 

Seriously John Green, why would you let them so this to your amazing book??

I’m not trying to put anyone off watching this film, i’m just expressing my opinion but if you are some who rages of the inaccuracy of film adaptations then you should take care when deciding to watch this film, if you’ve read the book. If you haven’t read the book then you will probably really like it, the story’s genuinely good it just missed out a few key parts.

Well that’s my thoughts on Paper Towns the movie, hopefully i haven’t annoyed anyone! If there are any movies or books or anything that you guys would like me to look at and review, i would be happy to take requests!

Sincerely, S x


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