Pray For World Peace

Hey guys! I thought that i should make some sort of tribute to the world happenings lately. It’s really hit me hard that all of this is happening, the amount of deaths of innocent people taking for a reason that is no where near justifiable.

I looked out my window when i woke up, i went to the shops, simple tasks i know but ones that i am privileged to have. These are task that so many people are now unable to do because of another person(s) actions.

It’s important to remember that you can’t blame the actions on a religion, you can’t look at a Muslim and think ‘oh hey they must be a terrorist’ because that’s not true, no where in their religion says you must kill innocent people. You see Muslim praying for those who have been damaged by all the happenings because they no it’s wrong and know that this is not what their religion stands for.

Here is my pray for world peace. I pray for those who passed in the events of Paris, mexico, japan and the others. I pray for happiness for the mother who will never see her son or daughter again. The father who might not get to walk his daughter down the aisle. The children whose parents may never come home again. I pray that we will no longer have to feel fear when walking around and doing the things we love. I pray for those who watched their loved ones die in front of their eyes. I pray for those discriminated because they share a religion with the perpetrators of a violent act. I pray for the day where we will stop fighting, terrorists stop with the shootings and bombings, the day where we realise we can look after the earth as a united team rather than destroy it against each other. I pray for the recovery of the countries who were hit by earthquakes and hurricanes, i pray for Paris to turn on their light, and come out of the darkness. I pray that future generations will not have to worry about the violent acts of others. That are daughters, sons, grandchildren can grow up with out any fears, grow up in a world where we are all equal. I know some of this may not happen, i know there is likely to be conflicts somewhere in the world at all times but we can pray, we can pray together. 

Pray for World Peace.



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