How to make someone smile :)

Hey guys! S here, so i thought i should do a how-to post but decided not to do a typical one.

I think happiness is something important that everyone sure think about, especially others’. Here’s a few ways t make someone else smile.

  1. Compliments, saying something as simple as ‘you look nice today’ can make someone smile for the whole day. Compliments seem like tiny things but they really do go a long way.
  2. Smile, smiles are contagious, if you smile at someone and show your happiness it’s likely that happiness will spread and others will smile too!
  3. Help, offering to help also makes someones day, showing them that there’s always someone there who cares. Even if it’s just holding the door for someone.
  4. Converse, it’s simple enough to just have a conversation with someone, say hello, ask them about their day. It helps!

These are just a few, but there are many ways to make something smile! Comment below if you have some ideas yourself!

Spread the smiles everyone! 🙂 🙂

Sincerely,S x


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