Winter Beauty Haul // 07:12:15

Hey guys! So over this weekend i went and did a bit of shopping and manage to accumulate quite a few beauty items, especially nail anyways i thought I’d do like a little haul of the make up items i picked up!

First i went to the w7 stool and picked up a few bitsProcessed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

First thing a picked up was the ‘flirty eyes’ black mascara because i actually really needed a new one and there was a deal so i picked this up. I actually really like it, the brush is different and helps to get all the lashes, there’s nothing more annoying than a brush that makes it difficult! It also has like a suction cap thing which pulls some of the mascara of the brush, i really like it because it reduces the clumps and saves it a bit more. Try it!

The next thing i picked up was a nude palette, i haven’t actually used this yet but the colours are super nice and I’ve wanted a nude eye palette for a while now, it’s so affordable to i had to pick it up. I’ve any of you have tried this then please feel free to leave your review in the comments! I then picked up a mascara that also has a liquid eye liner on the other side which i didn’t actually realise until i bought it but i feel like it will come in handy.

The last thing i got was this lip bomb lip balm, it smells soooooo good and i love it! I think what drew me to it was the packaging, i don’t know i just thought it looked cute but anyways i love using it, it tastes so good too! You should definitely try it 🙂


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

The next stool i went to was Rimmel, i actually really like some of their products so to see their deal was quite exciting!

Again I picked up a mascara because you can never have too many and I’ve always really liked their mascaras so i had to get one! I also then picked up the red lipstick by Kate because i really like the colour even though i don’t have much confidence in wearing it..oops. Finally i picked another liquid liner, i’m not usually the type of girl who uses it but i thought, why not??




Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset The last place i stopped at was barry M, i actually got a lot, but some of it was Christmas presents and some was nail varnish so i thought i’d just share the actual make up bits for me. I got two eye shadows, one was like a pinky colour and the other was like a dark grey brown colour. I’m not sure how often i’ll use these but i’ll let you guys know what i think!

So this was my beauty haul, my first one so please be nice ^.^ don’t forget to leave comments below and subscribe if you haven’t already!


Sincerely, S x


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