Christmas Traditions!

Hello everybody! S here, so it’s 12 days until Christmas so i thought i’d share my traditions for the run up to Christmas- I literally do these things every single year!

  • First is a must, i have to listen to the christmas playlist at least once a day at college, i have to- who doesn’t like chirstmas songs anyways??
  • I have to sing that oh so lovely line from Fairy tale of New York at the top of my lungs because, well it’s the best line in all Christmas songs- hehe.
  • A Christmas film a day keeps the gloom away! Yes i LOVE christmas movies so i have to watch loads leading up to Christmas day-By the way my absolute favourite is The Grinch. I love it! (I really like the polar express, but when i was younger i used to find it rather creepy, eek) 
  • EXCESSIVE online shopping, for them and for me (hehee) there’s always so many gift deals i just can’t help but look at them all 😀 yes i am away i might have a slight problem ha ha! Of course i do look of others too 😉
  • Christmas jumpers, it doesn’t necessarily have to be one with an massive Rudolph or snowman on it, it could just be a christmassy pattern. Either it’s a must!
  • Comfies, now i’m sure if this is a christmas tradition or if i just do it because it’s colder but the closer it gets to christmas the more i just wear comfies all the time -leggings and a hoodie does fabulously!

Well thse are my traditions, i’m sure a few of them many of you can relate to! Let me know what traditions for the run up to christmas are, do you have any different ones? Comment below! 

Sincerely, S x



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