6 Things That Make Me Think Of Christmas!

Hello everybody! Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday, whether you’re relaxing of having fun! 

Since its 6 days until Christmas I thought I’d do a list of 6 things that remind me of Christmas-I will probably be doing this each day until Christmas with a new topic each time,so keep checking!

So let’s start! 

1. The first thing is the weather/temperature, I know it sounds weird but there is a certain temperature and feel outside that reminds me of how it feels when it’s Christmas..I don’t know maybe I’m just weird. 

2. Candles, I love scented candles and having candles lit and when it gets to November time any candles remind me of a warm Christmas evening with my family. Makes me smile 🙂

3. The obvious one, Christmas songs, as soon as Halloween is over and November is half way through, it is totally legible to listen to Mariah Carey! 

4. Similar to number 4, the first Christmas advert of the year-most importantly the Coca Cola advert. 

5. The fact that it gets dark almost as soon as I’m home from college and we sit in the living room with the curtains closed. I just feel warm and cozy and that’s how Christmas feels to me!

6. Finally the big 6, would have to be onesies, because I like to relax around Christmas time and onesies are just so comfy and warm and they remind me of Christmas because it’s the thought of going downstairs in it or wearing it in the evening while you have a movie night with you’re family, so nice! 

So these are the 6 things that make me think of Christmas, what makes you guys think of it? Comment below 🙂
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Sincerely, S x


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