4 Bloggers I Love // 21:12:15

4 more sleeps everyone! Excited? I definitely am! So as promised, this is my 4 days till Christmas list and as stated in the title it’s going to be the 4 bloggers that I live to read posts from on here! If you’re not already following them then it’s definitely worth a look 🙂

1. VintageSmiles25,she’s so lovely, here posts are so uplifting and she’s always interective! Definitly worth a look and follow 🙂

2. Happyalexx, my new found blogger, she posts poem which are so nice to read I enjoy every post she puts up!

3.  Lost Teen in a Big World, i always enjoy reading her posts and respect here so much, especially for her most recent post- click the link and have a look!

4. Finally – and this one quite new to me, is Tash (glitterfulthoughts), the look of her blog is so nice and she’s just genuinly amazing, a lovely personality that shines through her posts!

These are my top 4 favourite bloggers i follow on here, they’re all lovely girls and definitly worth a look! All names are hyperlinked to their blogs to you can easily access them!

I’d love to know your favourites as i am always looking for more people to follow, sop comment below and if you’re new here don’t forget to follow or subscribe via email to always be updated on the latest posts 🙂


Sincerely, S x


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