3 Little Facts About Me

3 days till Christmas, is it me or is it going slow??! Hopefully it goes fast now because i am so excited i can’t even explain!

So todays list, is just 3 littles facts about me. I also just wanted to say i was thinking of doing a Q&A around christmas or boxing day, if you think you’d be interested in reading it then like this and if you wish to ask me anything you can comment below! 

  1. I have 4 siblings, 3 brothers and 1 sister, 3 of them are under 5 years old so yes my life at home can get a little interesting and chrsitmas is always great. They can be extremely annoying but you know, what would siblings be if they werent annoying every now and then?
  2. I am starting up my own online clothes shop hopefully next year so you guys should definitly keep an eye out because of course i’ll give discount codes to followers
  3. Finally, i know these havent been very interesting but i realised i’m not much of an interesting person. I am a tv series addict, honestly when i find a really good series i just binge watch it till i get sick of it or till i finish it and become upset- sad i know but that’s the cycle of my life haha! Currently I love pretty little liars, but i’ve finished so i’m waiting for the next half of the season to come out, i also loved gossip girl and I’m currently on vampire diaries!


So these are my little facts about me, not very interesting but still. The next post will be up tomorrow! 🙂

Sincerely, S x



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