Review: Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale

Hello, hows everyone doing?

Today was the summer finale for Pretty Little Liars, but fear not, the final 10 episodes EVER will be aired April 2017!


It was a very good finale with a lot of mixed emotions going around, here’s my thoughts on it. Firstly how crazy is Hanna? Going after Noel by herself, of course we all knew it wouldn’t go as perfectly as planned but wow Hanna! Also who’s idea was it to give the blind girl the gun?! We all knew trouble was to come after seeing Jenna Marshal walking round with a gun in hand trying to follow the liars round a dark and dusty old house. I’m extremely shocked that both Spencer and Toby ended up hurt…but are they dead?? I guess we’ll have to wait until next year to find out! But as we know, those who appear to die tend to have a way of come back *cough cough* Alison. I hope that they’re not dead and rather just extremely hurt because Spoby was a favourite of mine and we can’t have the final 10 episodes without them, can we?

Another complete bombshell was Mary Drake being Spencer’s mum?! I had suspicions but i never thought they’d really go there and i’m not sure it was a good move either. What do you guys think? And if noel isn’t the other child then what is his role in all this? Why does he hate the liars so much? So many unanswered questions still.

Overall i did find the episode very good and it had a high shock factor but one thing that really irritated me was how they’ve made Ezra completely forget about Aria once he saw Nicole, Ezria is a pair that has been shipped from the start and I think it’s one that should stay till the end…but i guess if things aren’t going to work out between them,Aria always has Jason to lean back on.

I could ramble on all day about the episode but then it would get boring, please let me know what you guys thought of it and mention any theories you have..i love hearing them!


Sincerely, S x

15 thoughts on “Review: Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale

  1. I’m seriously not okay after watching this. All things Toby nearly said but never got the chance to to Spencer. HALEB. Crazy Hanna. Spencer being tortured by her sister!?! Nicole like please leave

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      1. I was hoping Toby wasn’t dead but no like somebody will have to tell Spencer while she’s recovering from being shot, bless her. I get Ezra was happy to see Nicole but there was no need to give her a snog like geez calm it. Haleb!!

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      2. Yeah I know!! I know it sounds horrible but I’m hoping Yvonne doesn’t make it and Toby does so he doesn’t have a reason not to go back to spencer. He was clearly going to tell her he loved her in that text!!! Oh yeah I know it’s like he just completely forget Aria existed and was at HIS HOUSE. HALEB!!! The whole spencer and caleb thing just wasn’t right!

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      3. Keegan has tweeted RIP to Toby and he hasn’t been on the cast list for any of 7B but I’m hoping it’s another Mona situation. Spencer will have no idea what he was thinking. My heart literally broke for Aria though,her face. Anybody that shipped Spaleb just wasn’t my friend!

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      4. I know 😦 but I am really hoping he’s not dead. I know and that’ll annoy me so much!! Oh yeah bless her :((( tell me about it!!


      5. I will actually cry every episode knowing he’s dead and she doesn’t know he loved her, I’m hoping she bought the house he built and that’s why Toby didn’t tell Yvonne who it was.

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  2. I loved the episode and your review! Thanks for making me notice it! I’m afraid for both Toby and Spencer but extremely glad that Hannah and Caleb are back together! The whole Ezra situation bothered me, but as you read on my post on my blog, I laughed so much while watching this! 🙂

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