why I’ve been so inactive with blog posting…

hey guys, so I decided I owe it to anyone who actually reads this, if there is any, why I haven’t been so consistent with posting lately, I know this seems to be a regular thing for me but I genuinely am sorry and that isn’t how I wanted my blog to be.

I find myself in a constant battle with my depression and other things I may or may not have and that makes me lack the motivation to write. trust me, I want to be writing, I want to create great content and reach more audiences and have people enjoy it but it’s so hard. I’m not trying to create excuses I just want people to understand, if you have depression then I’m, sure you’ll understand just fine but if you don’t I guess its a little harder.

speaking about mental health, a couple of days ago was mental health awareness day , and as much as I’m happy with everyone bringing attention to it I would just like to remind people that those who are suffering typically suffer every single day and not just on that day, they need support everyday. Now I’m not saying it’s anyone job to fix people, you can’t fix people they have to do that themselves but if you’re strong enough to support someone who is trying to better themselves or at least wants to, then why not?

just being an open do for someone to walk through, being there to listen can sometimes be enough. End the stigma.

S x

twitter – _omgsxph

insta- _heyitssophiee_


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