Christmas Time and Your Mental Health

As we all know, the Christmas time is a stressful time for anyone, let alone people with already bad mental health. You need to look after yourself during these times to make sure you get through strong and healthy. This includes staying away from toxic family members, just because they’re your blood does not mean you have to be around or put up with any negativity they throw your way. Also avoiding alcohol, alcohol is a depressant so if you’re not feeling the best, it’ll only make you worse..please put yourself first. As challenging as it is at Christmas time, try not to over indulge in food, it’s likely that if you it’ll cause  low moods and irritability. I don’t want it to sound like I’m telling people not to have fun, because I’m not. Have fun, but know your limits so you stay in a good mindset.

Try not to get too caught up in it all, planning, buying and wrapping presents and money is all stressful but make sure you find time for yourself, relax, unwind. You’ll feel much better. Finally, any loss of sleep you may get from late nights or early mornings, make sure you catch up! Lack of sleep can cause low mood, irritability and aggression..alcohol also effect sleep quality which gives us more reason to avoid drinking too much.

Just remember, you can eat, you can drink and you can be merry…just do it right, put yourself first and know your limits!

All my love to everyone.

-S x


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