The JonBenet Case: Part 1

Hello everyone! welcome back to another post, I’m really excited for this one. Anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE murder cases, unsolved cases and serial killers (love learning about them not actually love them) just as much as I love beauty and lifestyle. SO I’ve decided that it would be good for me to do a post about these things once a week, probably Tuesday as you can tell by the title but I could always make in Murder Monday or something like that.

Anyways, as it’s my first post of the series I thought I’d kick it off with a one of my favourite cases to read about/watch documentaries on. I also have multiple views on this case that I was explain through the ‘case file’ I’ll be creating for you guys. I’m not going to go into the FULL details of it because it’ll be too long of a post but if you enjoy this, there’s loads to read up on and watch.

So grab yourself a drink and some food and get ready join the investigation, you’re going to be intrigued with this one.

The Basics

On December 26, Patsy Ramsey (JonBenet’s mother) woke up in the early hours (around 5.00am) to find a ransom note on the stairs addressed to her husband John. She then went to JonBenet’s room to find she was not there. The police were called by 5.25am.

The Note

The ransom note stated (in a very out of the ordinary long way) that in order for their daughter to come home safe they must provide the kidnappers with $118,000, which coincidently is almost the exact amount that John had just received in his bonus, its also a very specific number compared to what is usually seen in random notes. The ‘intruders’ also said they would make a call to John to give instructions on the delivery of the money and not to inform the police or JonBenet would be killed, which they completely ignored. Strangely, the call never came. There were a few unusual things about the note, first of all its length..typically a ransom not is a few sentences long. Explaining who they have, what they want and what to do, but this one was 2 and half! Secondly, the police determined that the note must’ve been written from within the house which is extremely risky for a normal length note let alone an extra long one. It’s unlikely that an intruder would’ve had time to or risked taking JonBenet and writing the note at the same time whilst the family slept. Investigators believed that the note was staged because it did not have any fingerprints, it had an unusual amount of exclamation marks and acronyms in weird places and the pen and pad were both Patsy Ramseys and were placed back where they belong after. Many believed it was Patsy herself that wrote the note, and part of me does too however they couldn’t prove it. It wasn’t long before the police started to suspect that the Ramseys were involved.

The Call

There are a few things that were strange about the call Patsy made to the police once she discovered the note. The calls been analysed by many figures and most have come to the same conclusion of something not quite right. First of all, when she calls and the police answer she’s says “we have a kidnapping. Hurry, please” which isn’t as specific as you would expect from a panicked mother. You’d normally expect a ‘our daughters missing’ but this wasn’t mentioned until about the third sentence. There is a fully broken down analysis of the transcript here..

Another suspicious part of the call is when Patsy had terminated the call, the line stayed open due to what must’ve been a miss placement of the phone, the woman who answered Patsys call had claimed to have heard voices in the distance, possibly saying things like “what did you do?” and “we’re not talking to you” raising more suspicion.

the dialogue from the call made by Patsy

Finding the Body

At 1:00 p.m, Detective Arndt asked John and Fleet White (family friend) to search the house to see if anything had changed or gone missing. I have heard that they were told to start at the top of the house and work down but the two headed straight to the basement where, low and behold, little JonBenet’s body lay, under a white blanket. Officer French had apparently tried to open the door before but it was latched shut, however its also reported that John tried to sway investigators away from the door, claiming it has been painted shut. John then made the mistake of moving her body upstairs, which would have more than likely contaminated any evidence on her, and made the crime scene less accurate for photos etc. She was found with her mouth duct taped shut and nylon cords around her neck and wrists.

The Autopsy

The autopsy showed that she was killed by asphyxiation and a skull fracture. The Asphyxia would have been fro a garrote (this was made of a piece of white cord and tightened by being wound round a broken paintbrush) the skull injury is thought to of been by a torch, however it is unknown as to whether the skull trauma or the strangulation came first. There was no evidence to suggest rape but sexual assault could not be ruled out, there were small abrasion around her private area. There were also small pieces of pineapple in her intestines which correlates to the bowl that was left on the side. JonBenet’s body had entered rigorous mortis which led the investigators to conclude that the time of death was between 10:00pm (Dec,25) and 6:00am, but because of the signs of decomposition it is believed she would have died closer to 10:00pm, just an hour after the Ramseys had claimed to have gone to bed…

I’m actually going to stop this post here because theres so much more to get into and I don’t want to make this post too long that people lose interest. I will post part 2 either in a few days or the same day next week, but for now..happy reading!!

-p.s if anyone has any theories or has read cool facts that not many people know about etc that feel free to comment below! I’d love to hear.

-Sincerely, S x


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