Review Time : NYX Can’t Stop won’t stop foundation.

Hello everybody, welcome back! I know some of you may be surprised to see another post so soon because I’ve been slacking lately but ya girl is back!

Todays post is a small one, a little review on the NYX Can’t Stop won’t stop foundation.

So I got mine in the shade ‘Alabaster’ because I’m fairly light skinned and I have neutral undertones, I have to say I LOVE this foundation. I thought it was going to be an overhyped product but I genuinely love it. It sits so nicely on my skin and even though it has a matte finish it doesn’t stick to any of my dry patches. It is definitely full coverage but it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin at all. I literally have nothing bad to say, I was so impressed! I usually struggle with dry patches and matte finishes but this was so nice. I will definitely be repurchasing, plus its only £15!

I know that not everyone feels the same about products and that ok, what works for me might not work for you so I don’t want anyone feeling like I’m trying to say my opinion is the only right one..but I do really like this foundation and felt so confident in my makeup after using it.

This is the look I created whilst using the foundation, of course the photo has lighting filters etc on it but I haven’t retouched my skin or anything like that.

What products have you guys been loving lately?


S x


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