Ebay finds!

Hello everybody!

I haven’t done a beauty post for a while so i thought i’d do one today and since i purchase two items recently i thought it would be the perfect chance to do a post.

I’ve seen a lot of ebay find videos on youtube and they were quite popular, hopefully you guys enjoy my blog post! I purchased an eye shadow palette and four eye make up brushes, both of the products i am very pleased with. Anyways let’s get talking about them!

Okay, so the first item was this amazing 120 colour eye shadow palette. Now, unfortunately the postman did not read the fragile sign on the parcel and literally chucked the parcel through the letter box making two colours smash 😦 but i fixed them! I got the more neutral toned palette but you can get another, very vibrant version full of all the colours in the rainbow if you wish! This one was only £5.00 which i thought was amazing for the amount of colours you get, the quality is amazing too! All the colours are very pigmented and there’s both matte and shimmery colours! I’m really looking forward to see what looks i can create with this one!


The other item i got was these beautiful rose gold eye brushes, with white and pink hair. I am in love with these brushes, i love rose gold things and these brushes are just so pretty! And for the cheap price of £1.58 too! i was amazed! They feel good quality too, they’re soft but not too soft, the small one are a bit tougher which is exactly how you’d expect them to be. I really can’t wait to use these to create some pretty eye looks. 


Hope you guys enjoyed my post, if you want the links comment below and i will send them too you and if you know of any good ebay bargains on make up then feel free to comment the links to me! I’m looking for a set of matte liquid lipsticks next! 

Sincerely, S x

Review: Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale

Hello, hows everyone doing?

Today was the summer finale for Pretty Little Liars, but fear not, the final 10 episodes EVER will be aired April 2017!


It was a very good finale with a lot of mixed emotions going around, here’s my thoughts on it. Firstly how crazy is Hanna? Going after Noel by herself, of course we all knew it wouldn’t go as perfectly as planned but wow Hanna! Also who’s idea was it to give the blind girl the gun?! We all knew trouble was to come after seeing Jenna Marshal walking round with a gun in hand trying to follow the liars round a dark and dusty old house. I’m extremely shocked that both Spencer and Toby ended up hurt…but are they dead?? I guess we’ll have to wait until next year to find out! But as we know, those who appear to die tend to have a way of come back *cough cough* Alison. I hope that they’re not dead and rather just extremely hurt because Spoby was a favourite of mine and we can’t have the final 10 episodes without them, can we?

Another complete bombshell was Mary Drake being Spencer’s mum?! I had suspicions but i never thought they’d really go there and i’m not sure it was a good move either. What do you guys think? And if noel isn’t the other child then what is his role in all this? Why does he hate the liars so much? So many unanswered questions still.

Overall i did find the episode very good and it had a high shock factor but one thing that really irritated me was how they’ve made Ezra completely forget about Aria once he saw Nicole, Ezria is a pair that has been shipped from the start and I think it’s one that should stay till the end…but i guess if things aren’t going to work out between them,Aria always has Jason to lean back on.

I could ramble on all day about the episode but then it would get boring, please let me know what you guys thought of it and mention any theories you have..i love hearing them!


Sincerely, S x

Saturday Catch Up

Hello everybody! Sorry I’ve been a bit absent, I’ve had a LOT of stressful things going on! I thought I’d do a little catch up post so yeah!

I had my interview for my Uni course yesterday and I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous! It’s been stressing me out because I wanted to make sure I had all the right stuff for it. I was worried that if I chose the wrong pieces of work then it would decrease my chance of getting in. Although they said it was a really good interview, I still had my doubts and then that leads on and activates my paranoia where I become sad because I don’t think it’s gone well. 

I think the most important thing to do in this situation is to just stay positive. Keep a positive mind because you don’t know what will happen, and it’s also a much healthier way of thinking. I have to keep telling myself this because,I don’t know my brains is just full of negativity sometimes. 

I also FINALLY got the email to say that my make up revolution delivery has been dispatched (YAY). Baring in mind their policy is that it takes 5 working days to be delivered..well mine was 10 so I was extremely happy to receive that message, as you can imagine! So that means that a mini hail should be up soon, when my package arrives! 

So yeah! This was my little post for you guys, what have you been up to? Comment below!

Until next time!

Sincerely, S x 

Winter Wishlist

Hello again! 

Aren’t you just loving the winter weather lately? It’s beginning to feel like Christmas and i really cannot wait! I thought i’d share my winter wishlist with you all.

  1. Well firstly i might as well just say the majority of the primark autumn/winter clothes, this season is definitely their strong point!
  2. MAC Lipstick-Instigator colour, I’m IN LOVE with this colour it’s like a dark purple, red..kinda hard to describe but definitely a must have for this season!
  3. The ‘Give them Nightmares’ eye palette from make up revolution, honestly the nicest looking palette I’ve seen (to my taste) obviously other will think differently but that’s what i think!
  4. ‘Fans of the impossible Life’ by Kate Scelsa, i read the blurb and it seems like a really good book, if any of you have read it please drop a comment below!
  5. ‘The Manifesto on how to be interesting’ by Holly Bourne, a friend told me about this and i would really like to read it myself, again if you’ve read it drop a comment on what you thought!
  6. ‘Winterkill’ by Kate A. Boorman, again i read the blurb whilst shopping and thought i must give it a read! Anyone else read it and cares to give a review?
  7. A line skirt..i don’t know what it is because i don’t usually wear skirts but i really want a tartan A-line skirt, they just look so cute!
  8. oversized vintage sweaters and knitwear, as you guys should know i LOVE grunge/90s clothes and i am obsessed with all the vintage wear! I must have moree!
  9. This one a little more expensive..well a lot more eek! I really want a macbook pro, i know they are super expensive but i’m starting a new internship/job and this would really help with it! Not to mention how much schoolwork i’d be able to do!
  10. Finally, on the other end of the scale, i’d like a new sketchbook..odd item for a wishlist i know but i need one so i can do my fashion sketches and designs..especially for my new line!

Well this a very condensed version of my winter wishlist, there’s so much more i could add but i won’t waste your time! Comment below whatever you like, any reviews of the some of the products I’ve spoken about are welcome!

Until next time…

Sincerely, S x


Remembrance Day Poem :: Written by Me

I sat at my post waiting,
For the opponents to bombard.
War is all around me,
But I wait while I guard.

Gas landed yesterday,
It killed my best friend.
As we rushed to put our masks on,
His fell, so then it was the end.

The years of war are now over,
We’ve seen what we don’t believe.
So trust me when I say that,
Your eyes do not deceive.

Here on the fields poppies grow
Where our bodies lay.
Now they are the symbol,
To help remember us to this day

Now let’s just take 1 minute,
Use this time to pray.
To remember and respect our brothers in arms.
On remembrance day.

-writen by S x