Winter Beauty Haul // 07:12:15

Hey guys! So over this weekend i went and did a bit of shopping and manage to accumulate quite a few beauty items, especially nail anyways i thought I’d do like a little haul of the make up items i picked up!

First i went to the w7 stool and picked up a few bitsProcessed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

First thing a picked up was the ‘flirty eyes’ black mascara because i actually really needed a new one and there was a deal so i picked this up. I actually really like it, the brush is different and helps to get all the lashes, there’s nothing more annoying than a brush that makes it difficult! It also has like a suction cap thing which pulls some of the mascara of the brush, i really like it because it reduces the clumps and saves it a bit more. Try it!

The next thing i picked up was a nude palette, i haven’t actually used this yet but the colours are super nice and I’ve wanted a nude eye palette for a while now, it’s so affordable to i had to pick it up. I’ve any of you have tried this then please feel free to leave your review in the comments! I then picked up a mascara that also has a liquid eye liner on the other side which i didn’t actually realise until i bought it but i feel like it will come in handy.

The last thing i got was this lip bomb lip balm, it smells soooooo good and i love it! I think what drew me to it was the packaging, i don’t know i just thought it looked cute but anyways i love using it, it tastes so good too! You should definitely try it 🙂


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

The next stool i went to was Rimmel, i actually really like some of their products so to see their deal was quite exciting!

Again I picked up a mascara because you can never have too many and I’ve always really liked their mascaras so i had to get one! I also then picked up the red lipstick by Kate because i really like the colour even though i don’t have much confidence in wearing it..oops. Finally i picked another liquid liner, i’m not usually the type of girl who uses it but i thought, why not??




Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset The last place i stopped at was barry M, i actually got a lot, but some of it was Christmas presents and some was nail varnish so i thought i’d just share the actual make up bits for me. I got two eye shadows, one was like a pinky colour and the other was like a dark grey brown colour. I’m not sure how often i’ll use these but i’ll let you guys know what i think!

So this was my beauty haul, my first one so please be nice ^.^ don’t forget to leave comments below and subscribe if you haven’t already!


Sincerely, S x

November Favourites!

Hey guys! So it’s now the end of November which means it’s closer to christmas yay! (slightly christmas obsessed >.<) and because of this i thought , you know what? I’ll do a November favourites post! Hope you enjoy 😀

  • My favourite youtuber this month has to be Noodlerella or maybe Floral Princess…hmm i like Zoella too. No Noodlerealla is my favourite for this month, you should definitely go check her channel out!
  • Etsy.. I’m sure many of you have heard of this magical app/website sent from the heavens put if you haven’t then you should definitely GO AND LOOK RIGHT NOW! Honestly i love it, if anyone ever asked for a suggestion of online shop that what be the one i’d tell them 😀 Check it out people!
  • My new jumper, i have this new 80s/90s bat wing jumper that’s like blue and green knit tartan and it my favourite item of clothing! I wear like 5 times a week…seriously.
  • I’m really loving the palettes and make up from make up revolution, now this one isn’t exactly favourite because i don’t own any of it but i love the smokey eye palette and want it so bad!
  • I’ve been watching keeping up with the kardashians lately and i love it so that has to be a favourite surely! Everyone needs a TV series to binge watch.
  • Not sure if this counts but my favourite part of this month has to of been the putting up of the christmas tree because it just makes me feel more chrismassy (is that even a word???) and i just really can not wait!!!
  • finally, as i’ve been more active lately, if found new blogger friends and my favourite blog at the moment is vintagesmiles, definitely worth taking a look!

These are my november favourites, I know there’s only a few but they’re my main ones! Please Please Please comment your november favourites below!

Sincerely, S x

Winter Wishlist

Hello again! 

Aren’t you just loving the winter weather lately? It’s beginning to feel like Christmas and i really cannot wait! I thought i’d share my winter wishlist with you all.

  1. Well firstly i might as well just say the majority of the primark autumn/winter clothes, this season is definitely their strong point!
  2. MAC Lipstick-Instigator colour, I’m IN LOVE with this colour it’s like a dark purple, red..kinda hard to describe but definitely a must have for this season!
  3. The ‘Give them Nightmares’ eye palette from make up revolution, honestly the nicest looking palette I’ve seen (to my taste) obviously other will think differently but that’s what i think!
  4. ‘Fans of the impossible Life’ by Kate Scelsa, i read the blurb and it seems like a really good book, if any of you have read it please drop a comment below!
  5. ‘The Manifesto on how to be interesting’ by Holly Bourne, a friend told me about this and i would really like to read it myself, again if you’ve read it drop a comment on what you thought!
  6. ‘Winterkill’ by Kate A. Boorman, again i read the blurb whilst shopping and thought i must give it a read! Anyone else read it and cares to give a review?
  7. A line skirt..i don’t know what it is because i don’t usually wear skirts but i really want a tartan A-line skirt, they just look so cute!
  8. oversized vintage sweaters and knitwear, as you guys should know i LOVE grunge/90s clothes and i am obsessed with all the vintage wear! I must have moree!
  9. This one a little more expensive..well a lot more eek! I really want a macbook pro, i know they are super expensive but i’m starting a new internship/job and this would really help with it! Not to mention how much schoolwork i’d be able to do!
  10. Finally, on the other end of the scale, i’d like a new sketchbook..odd item for a wishlist i know but i need one so i can do my fashion sketches and designs..especially for my new line!

Well this a very condensed version of my winter wishlist, there’s so much more i could add but i won’t waste your time! Comment below whatever you like, any reviews of the some of the products I’ve spoken about are welcome!

Until next time…

Sincerely, S x


Review: Paper Towns (movie)

As you guys may remember i did a review on the book ‘Paper Towns’ by John Green, i recently watched the film and thought i might as well do a review on that too.

I’m not usually the type to hate on film adaptions of books but having fallen in love with this book i was highly disappointing when i saw the amount the had left out and changed. I understand that films tend to leave bits out but really guys, was there need to leave out THIS much? Not only did they change the number of things that Margo and Q have to do the night before she goes missing but then they don’t even show the amount they do say! AND they missed out some major story marks towards the ending of the movie, which a the most important parts. 

Seriously John Green, why would you let them so this to your amazing book??

I’m not trying to put anyone off watching this film, i’m just expressing my opinion but if you are some who rages of the inaccuracy of film adaptations then you should take care when deciding to watch this film, if you’ve read the book. If you haven’t read the book then you will probably really like it, the story’s genuinely good it just missed out a few key parts.

Well that’s my thoughts on Paper Towns the movie, hopefully i haven’t annoyed anyone! If there are any movies or books or anything that you guys would like me to look at and review, i would be happy to take requests!

Sincerely, S x

Saturday Shopping!

Every saturday my mum goes shopping for food and essentials, and today i thought i’d tag along with her and share my buys with you guys!

The first thing was an Elle magazine, i have a fashion blog and love fashion so i like to pick up magazines to get influenced! I have read the month yet but i’m hoping to get some autumn/fall inspiration from it. It’s also great because it comes with another fashion magazine!

The second thing was a journal, mainly because i to write down my thoughts and feelings at the end of each day, and partly because i need to do so. I may also use it to make blog notes on fashion and general stuff! I have to say though, it’s a pretty decent journal, leather coated and everything!

Lastly and least important was a pack of fine liner pens because I like to write with them and they come in handy when doing sketchbook work at college!

So these are my saturdays buys, if you’re into fashion then you should definitely pick up and Elle mag or something similar like Vogue, you’ll love it 🙂 Or maybe you’re a future journalist and like to write things down or you’re like me and just like writing your thoughts and feelings of the day, you should pick up and decent journal it’ll do well for you!

Sincerely, S x