Guess Who’s Back?


S here, ad after 3 looooong months of sorting myself out and getting my head in the right place i am back and ready to blog again!

Comment below any requests of posts you have! 

Until next time..

Sincerely, S xo

5 New Beauty Products I’d Like

Hiya! Yes it’s that time of the week again and this week I thought i’d do and sort of wish list of the newer Beauty Products from higher end brands that I’d like to try!

Too Faced Melted Chocolate– I haven’t actually tried the other melted products but from what i have heard they’re brilliant and i think that the chocolate collection coming with some really nice nude shades. There are 3 normal ones and 3 metallic ones. The shades include:

  • Chocolate Cherries (darkest shade)
  • Chocolate Milkshake
  • Chocolate Honey
  • Chocolate Diamonds (Metallic)
  • Frozen Hot Chocolate (Metallic)
  • Candy Bar (Metallic)

They all look lovely and i hope i manage to get my hands on them to do a review post!

These are £16 each and you can find them here

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette- this palette is sooo pretty, and perfect for pale skinned girls as well as any others. Two pink shades and four nude shades. I really want to try this one out! This Palette is £35 and can be found at

Tartelette in Bloom eyeshadow palette- oh my goodness, i need this palette, the colours are so me and i think they would work well with each other. Anyone could make some gorgeous looks with this! This palette is £33 and you can buy it here

Too Faced Peanut butter and Jelly– Unfortunately this palette hasn’t come out yet(in the UK) but it looks great and has such nice, pigmented colours, definitely going to be great to play with if i ever manage to buy it! In the Uk this will be out on the 28th of February and is £23. You can check it out at

Finally The Gwen Stafani Eye Shadow palette from Urban Decay- this is my favourite product out of all the ones i’ve spoken about, i love the colours you could do so much with both the light and the dark shades. I also really like the different colours like the blue,gold and purple..they could be fun to play with! I think i will definitely try and get a hold of this soon so i can show you guys my opinion!

This one is £40 and can be found here –

So these were the 5 products i’m really wanting at the moment, if you have any of them comment what you think of them! Hopefully i’ve giving you guys some beauty shopping influence!

Sincerely, S x






4 Bloggers I Love // 21:12:15

4 more sleeps everyone! Excited? I definitely am! So as promised, this is my 4 days till Christmas list and as stated in the title it’s going to be the 4 bloggers that I live to read posts from on here! If you’re not already following them then it’s definitely worth a look 🙂

1. VintageSmiles25,she’s so lovely, here posts are so uplifting and she’s always interective! Definitly worth a look and follow 🙂

2. Happyalexx, my new found blogger, she posts poem which are so nice to read I enjoy every post she puts up!

3.  Lost Teen in a Big World, i always enjoy reading her posts and respect here so much, especially for her most recent post- click the link and have a look!

4. Finally – and this one quite new to me, is Tash (glitterfulthoughts), the look of her blog is so nice and she’s just genuinly amazing, a lovely personality that shines through her posts!

These are my top 4 favourite bloggers i follow on here, they’re all lovely girls and definitly worth a look! All names are hyperlinked to their blogs to you can easily access them!

I’d love to know your favourites as i am always looking for more people to follow, sop comment below and if you’re new here don’t forget to follow or subscribe via email to always be updated on the latest posts 🙂


Sincerely, S x

5 Makeup/Beauty Brands I’m Dying to Try!

5 days until Christmas?! Where has that time gone? Hope you’re all ready for Christmas and have no stress as it is a time for relaxing! I also hope you’re all enjoying your weekend! 

So today I’m going do a list of 5 beauty brands I really want to try, and I’m pretty sure most of them are only available outside of the UK- sad face. Maybe one day I’ll go to the states and will be able to give them a try,who knows 🙂

1. Tarte, I’ve seen a lot of youtubers show these in hauls,the products look great and the packaging is so nice! I’d love one of their pallets!

2. NARS, I’m not actually sure if you can get this is the UK, but again so many people have talked about it on YouTube and id love to try some of their lip products!

3. Elf, I was going to order some elf stuff but decided not to to avoid exchange rates, however I’d love to try their brushes and also their cleansing products. I’ve heard a lot of good things about them!

4. Anastasia, omg I love pallets and I’ve seen some youtubers talk about the anastasia pallets (home made I think?) and I want one so bad, it would be a great product to have!

5. I’m not really sure if this counts as a brand but I’ve always always wanted to try Bath and Body Works products like their hand soaps and scented candles they look so pretty and are supposed to be really good!

So these are my top 5 brands out of the U.K that I am desperate to try! Check them out, if you’ve used any products by these brands then feel free to write a review below!

Sincerely, S x

November Favourites!

Hey guys! So it’s now the end of November which means it’s closer to christmas yay! (slightly christmas obsessed >.<) and because of this i thought , you know what? I’ll do a November favourites post! Hope you enjoy 😀

  • My favourite youtuber this month has to be Noodlerella or maybe Floral Princess…hmm i like Zoella too. No Noodlerealla is my favourite for this month, you should definitely go check her channel out!
  • Etsy.. I’m sure many of you have heard of this magical app/website sent from the heavens put if you haven’t then you should definitely GO AND LOOK RIGHT NOW! Honestly i love it, if anyone ever asked for a suggestion of online shop that what be the one i’d tell them 😀 Check it out people!
  • My new jumper, i have this new 80s/90s bat wing jumper that’s like blue and green knit tartan and it my favourite item of clothing! I wear like 5 times a week…seriously.
  • I’m really loving the palettes and make up from make up revolution, now this one isn’t exactly favourite because i don’t own any of it but i love the smokey eye palette and want it so bad!
  • I’ve been watching keeping up with the kardashians lately and i love it so that has to be a favourite surely! Everyone needs a TV series to binge watch.
  • Not sure if this counts but my favourite part of this month has to of been the putting up of the christmas tree because it just makes me feel more chrismassy (is that even a word???) and i just really can not wait!!!
  • finally, as i’ve been more active lately, if found new blogger friends and my favourite blog at the moment is vintagesmiles, definitely worth taking a look!

These are my november favourites, I know there’s only a few but they’re my main ones! Please Please Please comment your november favourites below!

Sincerely, S x