Review: Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale

Hello, hows everyone doing?

Today was the summer finale for Pretty Little Liars, but fear not, the final 10 episodes EVER will be aired April 2017!


It was a very good finale with a lot of mixed emotions going around, here’s my thoughts on it. Firstly how crazy is Hanna? Going after Noel by herself, of course we all knew it wouldn’t go as perfectly as planned but wow Hanna! Also who’s idea was it to give the blind girl the gun?! We all knew trouble was to come after seeing Jenna Marshal walking round with a gun in hand trying to follow the liars round a dark and dusty old house. I’m extremely shocked that both Spencer and Toby ended up hurt…but are they dead?? I guess we’ll have to wait until next year to find out! But as we know, those who appear to die tend to have a way of come back *cough cough* Alison. I hope that they’re not dead and rather just extremely hurt because Spoby was a favourite of mine and we can’t have the final 10 episodes without them, can we?

Another complete bombshell was Mary Drake being Spencer’s mum?! I had suspicions but i never thought they’d really go there and i’m not sure it was a good move either. What do you guys think? And if noel isn’t the other child then what is his role in all this? Why does he hate the liars so much? So many unanswered questions still.

Overall i did find the episode very good and it had a high shock factor but one thing that really irritated me was how they’ve made Ezra completely forget about Aria once he saw Nicole, Ezria is a pair that has been shipped from the start and I think it’s one that should stay till the end…but i guess if things aren’t going to work out between them,Aria always has Jason to lean back on.

I could ramble on all day about the episode but then it would get boring, please let me know what you guys thought of it and mention any theories you have..i love hearing them!


Sincerely, S x

Guess Who’s Back?


S here, ad after 3 looooong months of sorting myself out and getting my head in the right place i am back and ready to blog again!

Comment below any requests of posts you have! 

Until next time..

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I’m Back!

Hey guys so as i’m sure you’re aware, i have been absent the last month or so and haven’t posted anything, despite the promise of a review post! I’m so super sorry about that, i had multiple things going on and needed to sort my problems out and make sure i was mentally okay so i could get back to doing what i love-blogging.

BUT i can assure you i am back and i will be posting again! Starting with the review post of the Flawless palette by Make up revolution! It’s fabulous i highly recommend!

So goodbye until the next post!

Sincerely, S x

2 Things a Love about Christmas 

Hello everybody! S here, with 2 days until Christmas it’s time for my post on 2 things a love about Christmas. This is a hard one because I like so many things about this time of year but here we go!

1.  I actually really enjoy wrapping presents, I know it’s seems weird but to me it’s calming and it makes me happy knowing that someone will receive a gift that hopefully they love! It’s great!

2. Family time -soppy I know, but my family don’t really spend much time together and so on Christmas when we’re all opening presents and when we all sit round the table to eat it just makes me really happy!

What are your favourite things about Christmas or around Christmas time? I want to know to comment below! 

Sincerely, S x

November Favourites!

Hey guys! So it’s now the end of November which means it’s closer to christmas yay! (slightly christmas obsessed >.<) and because of this i thought , you know what? I’ll do a November favourites post! Hope you enjoy 😀

  • My favourite youtuber this month has to be Noodlerella or maybe Floral Princess…hmm i like Zoella too. No Noodlerealla is my favourite for this month, you should definitely go check her channel out!
  • Etsy.. I’m sure many of you have heard of this magical app/website sent from the heavens put if you haven’t then you should definitely GO AND LOOK RIGHT NOW! Honestly i love it, if anyone ever asked for a suggestion of online shop that what be the one i’d tell them 😀 Check it out people!
  • My new jumper, i have this new 80s/90s bat wing jumper that’s like blue and green knit tartan and it my favourite item of clothing! I wear like 5 times a week…seriously.
  • I’m really loving the palettes and make up from make up revolution, now this one isn’t exactly favourite because i don’t own any of it but i love the smokey eye palette and want it so bad!
  • I’ve been watching keeping up with the kardashians lately and i love it so that has to be a favourite surely! Everyone needs a TV series to binge watch.
  • Not sure if this counts but my favourite part of this month has to of been the putting up of the christmas tree because it just makes me feel more chrismassy (is that even a word???) and i just really can not wait!!!
  • finally, as i’ve been more active lately, if found new blogger friends and my favourite blog at the moment is vintagesmiles, definitely worth taking a look!

These are my november favourites, I know there’s only a few but they’re my main ones! Please Please Please comment your november favourites below!

Sincerely, S x

Winter Wishlist

Hello again! 

Aren’t you just loving the winter weather lately? It’s beginning to feel like Christmas and i really cannot wait! I thought i’d share my winter wishlist with you all.

  1. Well firstly i might as well just say the majority of the primark autumn/winter clothes, this season is definitely their strong point!
  2. MAC Lipstick-Instigator colour, I’m IN LOVE with this colour it’s like a dark purple, red..kinda hard to describe but definitely a must have for this season!
  3. The ‘Give them Nightmares’ eye palette from make up revolution, honestly the nicest looking palette I’ve seen (to my taste) obviously other will think differently but that’s what i think!
  4. ‘Fans of the impossible Life’ by Kate Scelsa, i read the blurb and it seems like a really good book, if any of you have read it please drop a comment below!
  5. ‘The Manifesto on how to be interesting’ by Holly Bourne, a friend told me about this and i would really like to read it myself, again if you’ve read it drop a comment on what you thought!
  6. ‘Winterkill’ by Kate A. Boorman, again i read the blurb whilst shopping and thought i must give it a read! Anyone else read it and cares to give a review?
  7. A line skirt..i don’t know what it is because i don’t usually wear skirts but i really want a tartan A-line skirt, they just look so cute!
  8. oversized vintage sweaters and knitwear, as you guys should know i LOVE grunge/90s clothes and i am obsessed with all the vintage wear! I must have moree!
  9. This one a little more expensive..well a lot more eek! I really want a macbook pro, i know they are super expensive but i’m starting a new internship/job and this would really help with it! Not to mention how much schoolwork i’d be able to do!
  10. Finally, on the other end of the scale, i’d like a new sketchbook..odd item for a wishlist i know but i need one so i can do my fashion sketches and designs..especially for my new line!

Well this a very condensed version of my winter wishlist, there’s so much more i could add but i won’t waste your time! Comment below whatever you like, any reviews of the some of the products I’ve spoken about are welcome!

Until next time…

Sincerely, S x


How to make someone smile :)

Hey guys! S here, so i thought i should do a how-to post but decided not to do a typical one.

I think happiness is something important that everyone sure think about, especially others’. Here’s a few ways t make someone else smile.

  1. Compliments, saying something as simple as ‘you look nice today’ can make someone smile for the whole day. Compliments seem like tiny things but they really do go a long way.
  2. Smile, smiles are contagious, if you smile at someone and show your happiness it’s likely that happiness will spread and others will smile too!
  3. Help, offering to help also makes someones day, showing them that there’s always someone there who cares. Even if it’s just holding the door for someone.
  4. Converse, it’s simple enough to just have a conversation with someone, say hello, ask them about their day. It helps!

These are just a few, but there are many ways to make something smile! Comment below if you have some ideas yourself!

Spread the smiles everyone! 🙂 🙂

Sincerely,S x