Winter Wishlist

Hello again! 

Aren’t you just loving the winter weather lately? It’s beginning to feel like Christmas and i really cannot wait! I thought i’d share my winter wishlist with you all.

  1. Well firstly i might as well just say the majority of the primark autumn/winter clothes, this season is definitely their strong point!
  2. MAC Lipstick-Instigator colour, I’m IN LOVE with this colour it’s like a dark purple, red..kinda hard to describe but definitely a must have for this season!
  3. The ‘Give them Nightmares’ eye palette from make up revolution, honestly the nicest looking palette I’ve seen (to my taste) obviously other will think differently but that’s what i think!
  4. ‘Fans of the impossible Life’ by Kate Scelsa, i read the blurb and it seems like a really good book, if any of you have read it please drop a comment below!
  5. ‘The Manifesto on how to be interesting’ by Holly Bourne, a friend told me about this and i would really like to read it myself, again if you’ve read it drop a comment on what you thought!
  6. ‘Winterkill’ by Kate A. Boorman, again i read the blurb whilst shopping and thought i must give it a read! Anyone else read it and cares to give a review?
  7. A line skirt..i don’t know what it is because i don’t usually wear skirts but i really want a tartan A-line skirt, they just look so cute!
  8. oversized vintage sweaters and knitwear, as you guys should know i LOVE grunge/90s clothes and i am obsessed with all the vintage wear! I must have moree!
  9. This one a little more expensive..well a lot more eek! I really want a macbook pro, i know they are super expensive but i’m starting a new internship/job and this would really help with it! Not to mention how much schoolwork i’d be able to do!
  10. Finally, on the other end of the scale, i’d like a new sketchbook..odd item for a wishlist i know but i need one so i can do my fashion sketches and designs..especially for my new line!

Well this a very condensed version of my winter wishlist, there’s so much more i could add but i won’t waste your time! Comment below whatever you like, any reviews of the some of the products I’ve spoken about are welcome!

Until next time…

Sincerely, S x