As my taste and style and everything else changes, I feel it may be easier for me to start fresh on a new site identity, I’m unsure whether this will be temporary or forever, dependant on how easy the process is, but I want a site to share my book loving content, where everything matches and there isn’t a shadow of my past being cast over it.

The new site has the same name but the address matches, you can find it here, should you want to come over to this new side.

as always, I appreciate any support I get and thank everyone for being here on this blog with me, this one won’t be going anywhere for a while so watch this space.

Sincerely, S x

Book Review : Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco

Hello my book friends, if there are any of you, I know I haven’t posted anything book related for a while but I hope this finds the right people.

Todays post is one I’ve wanted to talk about for a while because honesty I suffe0red a big book hangover with this one. Kingdom of the Wicked is a fantasy book based on a a girl in Italy called Emilia, who basically seeks vengeance over her twin sisters death…did I also mentioned she’s a witch? Her nonna has always warned them of the Wicked, which is a bunch of princes of hell, 7 of them, they’re all basically the representations of the 7 deadly sins and are named after them too. And of course our MC ended up summoning the Prince of house Wrath of them all and they work together, kind of.

Now, I don’t want to give too much away so I will try and keep it as spoiler free as possible but this is you WARNING of POTENTIAL SPOILERS.

I adored the book, I genuinely got upset when I finished and realised I had to wait until October to get the sequel. Words cant even describe how jealous I am of those who got to read the proof for it. The reasons I loved it are simple, it’s SO easy to read, like seriously, everything just flows as it should and I don’t feel like I’m having to use my brainwaves to picture how things should be because the book describes it well enough. Then there’s the characters and their character building. Emilia changes quite a bit from how she is at the start to what happens at the end but it MAKES SENSE. She changes to achieve her goal, it works well and I was genuinely surprised by the end of the book.

You follow her and Wrath on this journey with their hate/love banter and witty remarks to each other. I love them together (not literally) and I hope the second book finds them, together (in every way) because honestly in my heart they’re end game and I will be very upset if it doesn’t turn out that way. Lmao yes I’m too emotionally invested in two fictional characters…you wait till I do a post on my thoughts on ACOTAR!

But on a serious note, well done to KM because my heart and soul are attached to this series and I don’t think I’m ready for the absolute heartbreak if things don’t pan out as I’ve imagined them. I haven’t felt this way about a book in a LOOOOOOOONG time so thank you for bringing back my love for books and good storytelling. I’m such a sucker for fantasy romances with the dark and normally evil guy.

I gave the book 4.5 stars because something at the end left me a little confused. But I’m sure it’ll make sense in the next one!

Until the next post,

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hello again…

hey friends, long time no see huh? apparently I’m really bad at this blogging thing now that I have YouTube and twitch and everything else going on in my life. I do apologise and I do miss it, I love writing. It’s a good outlet for me.

I just thought I’d pop back to drop a few links to my recent YouTube videos and also to let you guys know I’ve been getting into reading again so i will probably be doing book reviews on here soon. I’ve got a few books under my belt now so i can start blogging about them. I will have monthly wrap up videos on my channel too.

I hope you’re all well and that you’re all coping okay with all the goings on in the world, remember I’m here to chat if you need it.

Lot’s of love

Sincerely, S x

What I Got For Christmas | 2020

Hey guys and happy new year! I realise I neglect this side of my socials a lot of the time but my New Years resolution it to be more productive and really push my channel/blog/twitch ‘career’ forward.

I hope you all are doing well and that 2021 brings you nothing but happiness, love and health!

Quick disclaimer before you watch my video, I did not film this to gloat or brag. I am extremely grateful for everything I received whether it was presents of food and I understand that last year was a super rough one for a lot of us for many reasons. I recorded and uploaded this because it’s a video I enjoy watching of other peoples so figured some would enjoy watching mine!

Anyways I’ll stop rambling, click the text below for the video!

What I Got For Christmas


It’s me again, back with another unboxing! I feel like I spend all my time (and money) unboxing these things for the enjoyment of other people, but I can’t deny I love the surprise myself.

Click here to watch me unbox the goodies in this months glossybox!!

Sincerely, S x


Hey guys! Yes I know what you’re thinking, it’s September and you’re talking about Christmas?! Well the answer is yes! The advent have started dropping and The Body Shop was one of the first to launch so I HAD to share it with you guys!

Check out my YouTube video below to see all the goodness you get inside, obviously it is a major spoiler!!



HELLO my lovelies! Welcome back to my blog, I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe! it’s wild out there right? Today I bring you another glossybox unboxing, not that you asked for it. I really enjoyed this months box, from lip and cheek balms, to sheet masks to bronzers, we had a little piece of everything we need for what’s supposed to a summery time! You can watch me unbox it in the link below!

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Good afternoon my lovelies! I hope everyone is having a good weekend, i’m working (boo) so i’m actually writing this post from the past for the future. It just a quick one really to talk about a product I’m obsessed with from The Body Shop.

I use a few products from there like their hand creams (specifically the mango scented one), their grapefruit hand soap and show gels but the product I absolutely love is their Body Yogurts! They make your skin feel so so smooth and they dry so quickly! My fave scent is the mango one, the same with most products I buy from there, however they do them in a whole range of scents and they’re all amazing.

Costing £9, they’re quite affordable and definitely worth the money if you wanna splash a little extra, I apply mine after a shower all over my arms and legs and I just love the way it makes my skin feel, I have super dry skin and it helps so much!! As you can tell by the picture below, I’m almost out but have another post on the way 😀

But yeah, so if you’re considering looking into The Body Shop and their body/skin care, definitely look into their body yogurt! they also have body butters but I myself have not tried them out, why not try both?

Thats all from me for this post, don’t forget I have a YT channel here itsmesoph, subscribe for more beauty and lifestyle content!

Sincerely, Soph x

Jeffree Star Cremated Palette Tutorial and Review

Hello my lovelies! I’ve decided to get back into blogging, alongside my channel but for now, here is my review of the Jeffree Star Palette and the Shane Gloss, the pigment is INSANE and the formulas are so easy to work with. I definitely recommend this palette for someone who loves to do day and night smokey looks!

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Jeffree Star Bloodlust Review

Hi guys, I guess I haven’t done a written vlog in ages, right? Well I thought maybe its time to get back into it! Todays is going to be a review of the Bloodlust palette and gloss from Jeffree Stars Bloodlust collection- incase you couldn’t guess from the title 😉

I did actually upload a video review of this last night, so if you want to check that one out and see what look I created, i’ll leave it at the bottom of the page.

So started with the palette, let me tell you that I only bought it because people on my insta wanted me to review it. I didn’t think it would be my kind of palette at all! But, as always, I was completely wrong. The colour story is stunning, and obviously very purple, the formula is incredible and so pigmented. Blending out to seamlessly and blending with each other really well, I did find kickback with one of the shades more than the others but what’s a little kickback ay? Also, in this was the part that had me shoooook, the shimmer shades didn’t have much fall out at all! I was stunned, I always have fall out with shimmers, I expect it when trying out a new palette…but there was hardly any! Anyways, as you can see the palette is a big YAY from me, however do I think its pricey? Yes of course, no one REALLY wants to spend £54 on a palette…BUT the pan size is bigger than you’d get from any other brand, with the amount of pans there are as well (18) and really you’re more so paying for the fact its wrapped in velvet with a gold magnetic clasp. Lets face it, Jeffree keeps nothing basic!

Moving onto the lipgloss, so I got mine in the shade ‘Sorcery’ which is a peachy shade, with bluey/purpley reflects in it. Formula wise, I love it. it feels super nourishing on the lips and hasn’t got that typical tackiness to it that most lipglosses have. I don’t, however, like the colour. This is just a personal preference and doesn’t affect how I feel about the product in general. It’s just too, sort of galaxy for me. I imagine though that as the formula felt so nice on my lips, I’d like some of his other shades.

So to sum up the review, I really really love the collection, of course I only tried the palette and a gloms but to be fair thats probably all I would wear as I don’t wear lipstick often and find it hard to find brighter, more out-there, colours that look acceptable on me. My favourite is obviously the palette and I have use it many times since filming the video, even though I have many other palettes to choose from. I would definitely recommend it if you need a gift idea for a someone who enjoys playing with makeup or wearing bright colours.

For reference, I have dark brown eyes and fair/light skin, so these colours will work well on people with similar aspects.

If you enjoyed reading this and want me to review more stuff, please let me know now that I’m getting back into blogging! Also don’t forget to check out my channel and subscribe!

Sincerely, Soph x