I’m moving!!! Youtube here I come.

Hello everybody! Just a quick post today to say that I will be moving to Youtube in the next couple weeks and probably won’t be posting on here as much but I will still be posting hopefully. This has been a long time goal for me, i’ve always wanted to do it but never had the confidence but now I have purchased a camera which will be here tomorrow hopefully and then we’re pretty much good to go.

The kinds of content i’ll be creating will be anything from beauty to mental health to paranormal experiences. Hopefully things people can enjoy, I would drop my channel here but I haven’t thought of a name yet! if you have any suggestions then let me know!.

Anyways, hopefully see you all on the youtube side, if anyone has any advice, suggestions on anything youtube related then please let me know!


-S x


Let’s Talk about Body dysmorphia

Hi guys, ive chosen to write about this topic because its something that’s really pressing on my at the moment and I’m really struggling with it.

So, if you didn’t know, body dysmorphia is a mental illness that makes a person spend most of their time worrying about any flaws in their appearance, most commonly their weight.  People with this condition will spend lengths of time in front of the mirror picking at themselves, comparing themselves to others, putting a lot of effort into hiding said ‘flaws’ like wearing baggy clothes or lots of makeup. BD is also commonly linked to depression and in extreme cases self harm and/or suicide.

For me, I spend a LOT of time worrying about my weight, some days I’ll wake up feeling super toned and skinny…which i definitely am not, and others i feel incredibly large. Much larger than i wish to be. This makes my day-to-day life so hard because i spend the whole time worrying about what i look like to other people, and when im not worrying about that i just generally don’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I feel disgusting. I also have depression and anxiety amongst others but these 3 do not mix well together. Another major issue is that i find myself getting so angry and upset with the people close to me because i dont see myself the way they do so to me, they’re all lying. It’s a struggle.

But I just basically wanted to say that BD is real, and people well and truly struggle with it but that’s okay, you can get help!

I’m also always here to talk to anyone that needs to just express themselves.

Stay Strong everyone!!


S x

The JonBenet Case: Final Part

Todays post is a wrap up on the JonBenet case that I’ve been posting about. This case intrigues me so much because no one was found guilty and no one knows exactly what happened to this poor little girl. She really deserves justice and I cant even begin to imagine what she went through that night.

But anyways, lets jump back into the last little parts of the investigation.

So, in 2003 investigators took a sample of DNA from a blood mark on JonBenét’s underwear. The tests showed that the DNA belongs to an unknown male. The DNA was submitted to the FBI’s CODIS system, this contains DNA from convicted felons and sex offenders, however its still yet to be matched.

Sadly on June 24 in 2006 about 10 years after JonBenét’s death, Patsy Ramsey died after a long battle with ovarian cancer

This is where i was shook because originally i thought it HAD to be one of the family members, all the evidence pointed that way however…

In 2008, the Boulder District Attorney’s office announced that in the recent developments in DNA technology, the Ramsey family is no longer considered to be involved in the murder of JonBenét Ramsey. The District Attorney also wrote a letter to John Ramsey, apologizing for the public trial and torment that had occur in the aftermath of his daughter’s Death

THEN in October of 2016 the DNA sample from JonBenét’s underwear was retested and came back as not just one, but two unidentified people. So now the case, which is still unsolved remember, has been complicated even more!

This case is honestly crazy and they only people who truly know what happened are poor JonBenet Ramsey and the horrible, horrible person who did this to her. I hope one day they find out who did it.

Until next time guys,


-S x

Review Time : NYX Can’t Stop won’t stop foundation.

Hello everybody, welcome back! I know some of you may be surprised to see another post so soon because I’ve been slacking lately but ya girl is back!

Todays post is a small one, a little review on the NYX Can’t Stop won’t stop foundation.

So I got mine in the shade ‘Alabaster’ because I’m fairly light skinned and I have neutral undertones, I have to say I LOVE this foundation. I thought it was going to be an overhyped product but I genuinely love it. It sits so nicely on my skin and even though it has a matte finish it doesn’t stick to any of my dry patches. It is definitely full coverage but it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin at all. I literally have nothing bad to say, I was so impressed! I usually struggle with dry patches and matte finishes but this was so nice. I will definitely be repurchasing, plus its only £15!

I know that not everyone feels the same about products and that ok, what works for me might not work for you so I don’t want anyone feeling like I’m trying to say my opinion is the only right one..but I do really like this foundation and felt so confident in my makeup after using it.

This is the look I created whilst using the foundation, of course the photo has lighting filters etc on it but I haven’t retouched my skin or anything like that.

What products have you guys been loving lately?


S x

MASSIVE Haul!! Makeup, clothes & More

So does anyone ever tell themselves that they’ll get something done and literally never get round to doing it? because that is pretty much what this haul is, a mixture of times when ive shopped and christmas presents all put into one massive haul because i simply put it off for too long.

don’t worry though, the last part of the JonBenet case will come soon.

My order from M.A.C was actually my first ever, i know right?! crazy. I actually spoke to an online MUA on their website, she was super helpful, i asked for product that are good for people with dry skin because i always struggle to find foundations that don’t show all your dry patches and she also recommended me a primer and moisturizer. I took the plunge and bought everything she recommended and i actually really love it all, however i feel like I’m a shade down from the one she suggested but that’s not the end of the world. So i got the Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 foundation in the shade NW15, the studio moisture cream and the Prep + Prime Skin base Visage. i think i need to order the fix+ next!

Then from BeautyBay I ordered some bits in the sale they had on, I picked up a Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Leo’ because that’s my star sign and its also almost my perfect nude brown shade, i love it. I also picked up the RCMA no colour setting powder, if seen so many people rave about this so i really wanted to try it for myself. On the boring side i wanted to try a new eyeshadow primer because i usually always use my Makeup Revolution one, so i picked the wet n wild long-lasting eyeshadow primer. And finally i chose theBalm’s Anti Orange bronzer in the shade ‘Oliver’ and some ABH mini matte lipsticks, i actually love the bronzer its such a good shade for my skin and also isn’t crazy pigmented that it messes your makeup up, and the lipstick feel so nice on the lips, not drying at all.

Now, this week I took a little trip to Bluewater shopping centre in London for some retail therapy and i did manage to spoil myself. *THIS IS NOT A BRAGGING POST I AM SIMPLE SHARING THINGS THAT I HAVE BECAUSE I KNOW PEOPLE LIKE TO SEE THESE TYPES OF POST, INCLUDING MYSELF* I went into a LOT of shops and i mean a lot, my feet were so sore but it was worth it. They main thing i treated myself to was a Michael Kors bag, I’ve genuinely wanted one for so long so it felt good to be able to treat myself to it finally. PLUS they had a sale on so i got it a lot cheaper. The bag i chose was a smallish shoulder bag called ‘Selma’ in black. In boots i only picked up a few bits, a new lip plumper from soap and glory because mine was running low, i get the clear one, the Honey primer from NYX (tried this today and loved it) the NYX ‘Can’t Stop Wont Stop’ foundation  (again, tried it today and loved it) and a pencil eyeliner from NYX.

I was SO excited when I found out Bluewater had a Too Faced shop, so of course i went in there, i wanted most of the shop but managed to contain myself and only purchased a few things; the Better Than Sex mascara, White Peach eye palette and a melted matte lipstick in ‘Evil Twin’, I cant wait to try them out. As much as i hate going into Lush because of how they always want to talk to you and i have bad anxiety,  i really wanted to new bath and body bits so i went in and got two baths bombs; ‘Peachy’ and ‘Turtle Jelly’ and also the ‘Rose Jam’ shower gel and the shower scrub in ‘scrub scrub scrub’ which is a black scrub with charcoal etc in. Hopefully they do my skin wonders.

Victorias secret and their Pink store both had a 5 for £25 sale on their pants so i picked up some of those and i also found these jogger style lounge pants that were so incredibly soft that i HAD to try them. (see photo of gray and white trousers with rose on). I also went into new look to get a Teddy coat that i had been eyeing up for a while, i love it!

Last but not least, from the london trip, I went into paperchase. I have an obsession with buying notebooks to of course i picked up two and i also found some cool feminism badges and pins so picked those up as well.

Now finally for the christmas pressies, I was a little spoilt by various people around me, my boyfriend got me the Jeffree Star Liquid lipstick nudes 2 vault which i was SHOOK at, he also got me the beauty bay brushes, their Going Out palette and a graphics tablet! My mum then got me the Makeup Revolution  gift box set which had so many goodies in, im in love, a mug, some smellies for the shower, MORE makeup brushes and the newest Soph X Makeup Revolution  palette. I also got new GHDs from my boyfriends mum, i really did not expect to unwrap them and honestly almost cried!

SO that’s my big haul everyone, hope you all enjoyed it, let me know if you want reviews on anything!

P.S sorry it’s so long! I underestimated how much their was until i typed it up haha!


-S x

The Jonbenet Case: Part 2

Hi guys I’m back with the second part of The Jonbenet Ramsey case, I really misinterpreted how much there was to cover last time! So for anyone who missed it because the post kinda flopped in views and likes, we covered the first main parts. Those being the letter, the phone call and the autopsy.

So for today we are going to start of with some other key evidence that the investigators found. Investigators found several other key pieces of evidence at the surrounding crime scene. Firstly the police report stated there were several open windows and at least one open door in the house that night, this would have made it incredibly easier for a potential intruder to get in. There was also a broken window in the basement that could not be properly closed. This is one of the most likely points of entry to what would become the crime scene. However, knowledge of this broken window was not made available until a year after the murder, probably due to the fact every believed that the Ramsey’s were the perpetrators and didn’t need to gain entry into their own home. I also remember them saying in the documentary that in the window was an untouched cobweb, which of course would not have still be intact if an adult had gone through the window, especially considering the size of the window and the very few amount of possible ways to fit through (non of which wouldn’t have disturbed the cobweb.

It has also been shared that the house was covered in thick carpets, therefore making it easier for a possible intruder to enter and leave quietly without waking the household.

Next, the autopsy showed that Jonbenet had pieces of pineapple in her digestive system at her time of death but the Ramseys claim to never have given her any. On the contrary Burke’s fingerprints were found on a bowl in the kitchen which, yep you guessed it, had pineapple in. Though the , Ramseys argued that Burke was ‘asleep’ during the event of the kidnap/murder. The massive difference between the Ramseys statements and the evidence provides more doubts that they innocent (if you hadn’t guessed already, my bet is and always has been on the brother) Two main theories at this point were that the Ramseys committed the crime themselves or that they staged the whole kidnapping situation to cover up and protect their son. Police also found a broken paintbrush in the basement’s boiler room,the other piece of the paintbrush was used to create the garrote. pieces of broken glass and scuff marks  were found around the broken window in basement. There are fingerprints, hand-prints, and a boot print that have still not been identified as a match to the Ramseys or any of the over 400 people who have been investigated, leaving the intruder theory open.

Thirdly, investigators have said that they believe JonBenet knew her killer so trusted them enough to leave her bedroom, possibly lured out with the promise of pineapple. This is understandable as it’s a common factor in child abduction cases, in most cases the child does know the person or they trust them because they’re a public safety figure like policemen or teachers or bus drivers etc. It’s also a known fact that the Ramseys enjoyed throwing parties and as it was the holidays season there would’ve been plenty of them with many friends and family that Jonbenet would’ve known and trusted.  The killer could have potentially been any one of them. Despite this, the three immediate family members remained the focus but were never named as suspects to the public. All three of them were questioned by investigators, and had to submit handwriting samples to compared to the ransom note. Both John and Burke were cleared of suspicion of writing the note, but Patsy could not be cleared.

The case slowly began running cold, the Ramseys made countless media appearances to try to clear their names of the crime. multiple grand jury’s were held but none of them lead to any charges being made, however in 2013 some court documents were pulled forward that showed back in 1999 the Grand Jury had actually voted to charge Jonbenets parents for child abuse that resulted in her death but the district attorney refused to sign the paperwork, claiming there was a lack of sufficient evidence. As the case grew colder,investigators were slowly assigned new cases whilst the paperwork was moved into storage. The District Attorney’s office then announced that they had run out of the $500,000 that they were given to solve the case, stating they would not be reapplying for more.

I’m going to make this a 3 parter so I’ll upload the last few bits the week coming. Whats your opinion so far? If you’re interested in this case you should watch the JonBenet case documentary that BBC did, I believe it’s on YouTube, there’s also a ‘Casting JonBenet’ on Netflix i believe.


-S x

The JonBenet Case: Part 1

Hello everyone! welcome back to another post, I’m really excited for this one. Anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE murder cases, unsolved cases and serial killers (love learning about them not actually love them) just as much as I love beauty and lifestyle. SO I’ve decided that it would be good for me to do a post about these things once a week, probably Tuesday as you can tell by the title but I could always make in Murder Monday or something like that.

Anyways, as it’s my first post of the series I thought I’d kick it off with a one of my favourite cases to read about/watch documentaries on. I also have multiple views on this case that I was explain through the ‘case file’ I’ll be creating for you guys. I’m not going to go into the FULL details of it because it’ll be too long of a post but if you enjoy this, there’s loads to read up on and watch.

So grab yourself a drink and some food and get ready join the investigation, you’re going to be intrigued with this one.

The Basics

On December 26, Patsy Ramsey (JonBenet’s mother) woke up in the early hours (around 5.00am) to find a ransom note on the stairs addressed to her husband John. She then went to JonBenet’s room to find she was not there. The police were called by 5.25am.

The Note

The ransom note stated (in a very out of the ordinary long way) that in order for their daughter to come home safe they must provide the kidnappers with $118,000, which coincidently is almost the exact amount that John had just received in his bonus, its also a very specific number compared to what is usually seen in random notes. The ‘intruders’ also said they would make a call to John to give instructions on the delivery of the money and not to inform the police or JonBenet would be killed, which they completely ignored. Strangely, the call never came. There were a few unusual things about the note, first of all its length..typically a ransom not is a few sentences long. Explaining who they have, what they want and what to do, but this one was 2 and half! Secondly, the police determined that the note must’ve been written from within the house which is extremely risky for a normal length note let alone an extra long one. It’s unlikely that an intruder would’ve had time to or risked taking JonBenet and writing the note at the same time whilst the family slept. Investigators believed that the note was staged because it did not have any fingerprints, it had an unusual amount of exclamation marks and acronyms in weird places and the pen and pad were both Patsy Ramseys and were placed back where they belong after. Many believed it was Patsy herself that wrote the note, and part of me does too however they couldn’t prove it. It wasn’t long before the police started to suspect that the Ramseys were involved.

The Call

There are a few things that were strange about the call Patsy made to the police once she discovered the note. The calls been analysed by many figures and most have come to the same conclusion of something not quite right. First of all, when she calls and the police answer she’s says “we have a kidnapping. Hurry, please” which isn’t as specific as you would expect from a panicked mother. You’d normally expect a ‘our daughters missing’ but this wasn’t mentioned until about the third sentence. There is a fully broken down analysis of the transcript here.. http://www.statementanalysis.com/jonbenet-ramsey-murder/

Another suspicious part of the call is when Patsy had terminated the call, the line stayed open due to what must’ve been a miss placement of the phone, the woman who answered Patsys call had claimed to have heard voices in the distance, possibly saying things like “what did you do?” and “we’re not talking to you” raising more suspicion.

the dialogue from the call made by Patsy

Finding the Body

At 1:00 p.m, Detective Arndt asked John and Fleet White (family friend) to search the house to see if anything had changed or gone missing. I have heard that they were told to start at the top of the house and work down but the two headed straight to the basement where, low and behold, little JonBenet’s body lay, under a white blanket. Officer French had apparently tried to open the door before but it was latched shut, however its also reported that John tried to sway investigators away from the door, claiming it has been painted shut. John then made the mistake of moving her body upstairs, which would have more than likely contaminated any evidence on her, and made the crime scene less accurate for photos etc. She was found with her mouth duct taped shut and nylon cords around her neck and wrists.

The Autopsy

The autopsy showed that she was killed by asphyxiation and a skull fracture. The Asphyxia would have been fro a garrote (this was made of a piece of white cord and tightened by being wound round a broken paintbrush) the skull injury is thought to of been by a torch, however it is unknown as to whether the skull trauma or the strangulation came first. There was no evidence to suggest rape but sexual assault could not be ruled out, there were small abrasion around her private area. There were also small pieces of pineapple in her intestines which correlates to the bowl that was left on the side. JonBenet’s body had entered rigorous mortis which led the investigators to conclude that the time of death was between 10:00pm (Dec,25) and 6:00am, but because of the signs of decomposition it is believed she would have died closer to 10:00pm, just an hour after the Ramseys had claimed to have gone to bed…

I’m actually going to stop this post here because theres so much more to get into and I don’t want to make this post too long that people lose interest. I will post part 2 either in a few days or the same day next week, but for now..happy reading!!

-p.s if anyone has any theories or has read cool facts that not many people know about etc that feel free to comment below! I’d love to hear.

-Sincerely, S x